Travel Agency in Trinidad

Travel Agency in San fernando and Port of Spain – Trinidad and Tobago

Certified Travel Agent based in San fernando and Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Travel Agency Trinidad is a certified company located in San fernando and Port of Spain with over 15 years of experience. We offer specialized consulting, local personalized service and personalized activities. We can take care of everything that concerns your trip to San fernando and we are able to organize both hotel reservations and airline tickets for your group as well as Tours & Excursions, Transfers, Dinners and Events.

As a Travel Agency and Registered and Fully Customs Tour Operator, we are the perfect partner to plan your trip to San fernando and the rest of Trinidad and Tobago. We have a deep local knowledge and offer a wide selection of services, tours, transportation and hotel reservations.

Why book tours, hotels and transportation with us?

We take pride in the high degree of satisfaction of our customers, and base our work on the following pillars:

  • Certified travel agency

Certificate and Fully Βonded Τravel Τravel Αgency Αgency

Being a fully bonded, certified travel agency means security. You are in good hands when we take care of your group. We have a wide range of guarantees and we have a solid and consolidated economy after more than 10 years of experience as a travel agency.

  • High Flexibility

High flexibility – customized services

All our tours and services can be customized. The high degree of flexibility is a great advantage when you have a tight schedule and need to make the most of your days in San fernando and Port of Spain. It also means price flexibility – we can customize the tour and the restaurants according to your budget.


  • Efficient communication

Efficient communication – short response time

We promise a quick response to your emails – usually we’ll get back to you within a few hours. We know how important it is to have effective communication when you are planning your trip to San fernando. The flow of dialogue is important, as this is where the foundations for organizing the trip or guided tour begin.


  • 360 degree service

360º service – we can take care of all the details

We can take care of all the details about your trip – let us help you organize hotel reservations, transportation, restaurant reservations, tours, tickets and other travel services in San fernando and the rest of Trinidad & Tobago.

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